My name is Nick Lambert.

I was born in London and grew up in Ireland. I have spent most of my working life back here in London and love this city. I find it beautiful and vibrant.

I enjoy visiting new places, so travel as much as I can but when I am here, I am quite social and like to go out often. This blog contains, mostly, reviews of places I have been, things I have seen and experiences I have had.  Trip Advisor tell me that I am in the top 1% of most read reviewers on their site.

I particularly like the theatre, but also enjoy restaurants, bars, cinema and walks.

I am a Time Out Tastemaker and a link to my reviews for them is here: http://www.timeout.com/profile/UWHtd8LEe+YkhscYma6O8ZQ==?homeUrl=%2Flondon&locale=en-GB&site=uk-london

I am on twitter as @NickNicklambert

I am not sure why I have the urge to share these blog posts, or even who my target audience is – perhaps a passing psychologist might care to explain in the comments. Anyway, here it is, and as you are here, I hope you enjoy it!


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