Little Haiti, Miami, Florida

I am spending Christmas and New Year in Miami, so as a change of venue, here are some pictures that I took on a walk around Little Haiti in Miami.

I finish with a frozen iguana that fell from a tree in our garden, it has been there the last three days. Apparently this is normal when the temperature goes below 8C, and it will defrost and walk away when the temperature goes back up!


6 thoughts on “Little Haiti, Miami, Florida

  1. So, a break from good old London. Nice series of pictures. In fact I am just doing a post on Lima Street art at the moment. Coming shortly. Are you now back in Blighty?


  2. Did the Iguana finally move? Hope you enjoyed your holiday and hope it was “person warm” even if it was not “Iguana warm” while you were there.


  3. I was a little startled by the thought of the frozen iguana, but glad to hear they survive when the weather warms up.

    Your photos are amazing. I love the way you photographed these incredible murals. The one of the two girls using yogurt cups as “phones” is my fave.


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