Indoor Skydive with iFLY

An indoor skydive is an experience where you lean into a wind tunnel and the gushing wind lifts you up and keeps you aloft. Never having done a skydive from a plane, I cannot say how similar the feeling is to a parachute jump – but I can say that there is an initial moment of dread as you step off the ledge of the tunnel and allow the blast of wind to take your body airborne. This is followed by exhilaration as you realise that the wind is actually keeping you flying, and you can relax and enjoy the experience.

The flight lasted around a minute, and I had two goes. The first had the biggest rush, but by the second I was a little more relaxed and aware of my body shape, so I was able to enjoy the time more. I reckon it is a healthy thing to do, it is always good to get your heart pumping, and you don’t need any strength or skill to do it, just the willingness to release yourself to the experience and a little bravery to take that step off the ledge.

Be aware that one needs to arrive for the skydive, forty-five minutes before takeoff, so that you can be kitted out and do training. During this time, you can watch other people, so you will have an idea what to expect when you go in. Also be aware that the video and photos taken of you doing the skydive will not be the most flattering, unless of course, you wish to be viewed as a fat Wallace and Gromit character!

However, having said that, if there is an element of thrill seeker in you, then you will surely enjoy it, and although you only spend two or three minutes in the air out of the hour that you are there, those airborne minutes are intense.