Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Apollo Theatre 2016/7


This production is just coming to the end of its Christmas 2016 run, but I am pretty certain that it will return next year, because although Captain Hook keeps asserting that this is not a pantomime, well……(all together now!) Oh! Yes it is!

This is not the show you should choose if you are looking for the full-on traditional British panto experience, but it does have some elements of the genre, along with some slapstick and a lot of physical comedy.

If you take note of the title, you will know, generally what to expect, everything that you can think of does go wrong, but I’ll bet that they manage to find a few extra disasters that never even occurred to you.

A version of this was performed for the BBC and shown on television over Christmas. This was quite entertaining but it is a play that comes across much better live.

The show is very funny and the characters are very likeable, even the villain. It is great for kids and adults alike, in fact it would be a fantastic first time theatre experience for a youngster, both memorable and enjoyable.

It is great that London finally has a Christmas show to come back to every year!

The Play That Goes Wrong, Duchess Theatre


I have to say that I felt a bit sorry for Cornley Polytechnic drama, after all the rehearsal and effort that went into the production, that they should have a night like this.

I suppose that we could have guessed it wasn’t going to be their night when the dog went missing even before the show began! However they struggled on manfully and the understudy that came on for Constance after she was knocked out did very well ……. considering.

If I were them I’d probably sack the sound engineer, I mean how much can he know about sound, given his love of Duran Duran.

I applaud the cast for (mostly) making it through to the end of the show unscathed.

I’m going to recommend that you go to see this production because they surely could never have another night like this. The acting was brilliant, with hand gestures and everything, and I’m sure that once they get their difficulties sorted; there is a wonderful murder mystery in there, just waiting to come out!