Great London Songs

12 Lazy Sunday – Small Faces

This was originally a track on the 1968 album “Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake”. The song was released as a single in April that year without the band’s knowledge and reached No.2 in the UK singles chart. They weren’t happy with its’ release, because they felt that many other tracks on the album better represented their musical direction, they were trying to ditch their pop image. The success of the song eventually led to Marriott leaving the band. He formed the rockier sounding Humble Pie with Peter Frampton. Frampton was another ’60s pop star looking to present a “heavier” sound in the 1970s, having had hits with “The Herd” and voted “The face of 1968” by the teen magazine “Rave. The band thought “Afterglow” would be the lead single, but although it is a good song in its own right, you can’t imagine that it would have been the big hit that Lazy Sunday was.

“Gor Blimey, ‘ello Mrs. Jones – How’s yer Bert’s lumbago” Steve Marriott sings in a cod cockney accent. In 1960 he played the Artful Dodger in Lionel Bart’s “Oliver!” and this east end music hall delivery harks back to that. The song was recorded as a jokey album track, but it has clever lyrics, a unique delivery, and it remains a London psychedelic era pop classic.

Cover versions include the Toy Dolls (remember the punk “Nellie the Elephant”?) on their cleverly titled CD “Orcastrated”. The Libertines used to include a version in their live set. I feel like I can hear echoes of this son in Blur’s “Parklife” too.


8 thoughts on “Great London Songs

  1. Great song. Great band, as were Humble Pie. (Didn’t know Frampton had anything to do with Amen Corner, mind. Andy Fairweather Low was the only ‘name’ I could have named as going on to bigger and better things. 🙂

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    • Cheers mate. You are 100% right! This will teach me to check my facts and not just write stuff from memory! I was sure he was in Amen Corner, but who knows where I got that from. Thanks for putting me right, I appreciate it. I will correct it straight away. Thank you.

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  2. A really iconic song, and I think the record company made the right choice for the single. Steve met with a tragic end. Our local fire station was mobilised for it, but it wasn’t until later that day that we found out why the early morning quiet had been broken. Only one of the band is still with us but their musical legacy lives on.


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