The World Reimagined

City of London Trail

The World Reimagined is an exhibition of 103 individual, artist decorated globes, set out in 10 trails, in 7 different cities throughout the UK. I walked the City of London trail, which has 10 globes.

The Globes are designed to make us think about our history in an honest way and they hope to inspire us to look toward a fairer future.

The city of London trail was a little over 3km and took around 2 hours. Some of the globes were hard to find and if I’m honest the map wasn’t great. If anyone does the trail and finds the first globe, I would be grateful if they could give me a hint as to where it is. I used the app after the map was less than helpful and when it said “you have reached the globe” it was nowhere to be seen!

The globes on the City of London trail are a lot about slavery, which I guess is actually where a lot of its wealth came from. The stories they tell are interesting and informative. The trail takes you through a part of London that is rich in history and that is also fascinating to walk through today. You will see St Paul’s Cathedral, Bank, Bow Bells, The Gherkin and much more.

The exhibition runs until the end of October, there are 4 different trails in London, as well as trails in other cities including Swansea, Leeds, Liverpool, Leicester and Birmingham.

The world reimagined has a big online element too, with many YouTube videos, and each globe has QR codes that can be scanned so you can “collect” the globes and read information about them, such as the artist and what they represent.

All in all, an ambitious project – the globes and trail are only a part of it. I found it an entertaining morning out, so if you are in any of the cities taking part and you fancy a walk, I would recommend looking up “The World Reimagined”

5 thoughts on “The World Reimagined

  1. Public art is going through a transformation. Rather than stand-forever monuments to specific people (ofter war hero’s and politicians), I am finding more exhibitions for a time period with themes about history and ideas. Some folks enjoy the walk-about finding the art. Others take them as moments of contemplation. This might be a good thing as time tends to tarnish those whom we glorify today… and birds poop on all those important people…. – Oscar

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    • Yes, London certainly seems to have more temporary themed walk installations. I like them, the walk is pleasant if alone, and if you have company you talk about them while you walk, much more than you would in a gallery.

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      • I am ambivalent about talking in a art museum or gallery. While I might want to share on observation, insight, or question with my companions, I know that other parties doing the same distracts me from my experience. Guess that is what coffee shops and restaurants are for after the viewing. Cheers.

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