Pity at the Royal Court Theatre, July and August



Time Out offered me this special deal on tickets to see Pity at the Royal Court. They asked me to share the deal on my blog, as an experiment to see whether anyone clicked on the deal or if anyone takes up the offer.

The play looks quite interesting and the offer seems good, so I have agreed to do it as a one off experiment. I am away on holiday in July, so I’m going close to the end of the run in August. I bought the £12 tickets because the Royal Court is small and the view is good from every seat.


I hope you don’t mind this different type of post and I promise that this is a single time only, I am not suddenly going to be a site that bombards you with deals and special offers.


4 thoughts on “Pity at the Royal Court Theatre, July and August

  1. Twelve pound tickets sounds amazingly cheap for London so it must be worth a try. Unfortunately we’re not around the whole summer but hopefully a few people will follow your link for a good night out.

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    • I think they have just picked a number of accounts as an experiment to see what percentage (if any) of people click on posts on different social media accounts. Whether WordPress is better than Twitter, or Facebook gets more hits than Instagram etc.
      I doubt that they will even tell me whether anyone clicked or not. I do have their email address, I might ask in a couple of weeks.

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  2. Sounds interesting but after roasting alive yesterday we’d just decided we really don’t want to do anymore London theatre in June, July or August. I’ll have a look though… might be worth changing out minds for!

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