Everybody Wants Some (dir. Richard Linklater) 2016


Do not go to this movie expecting big action, high adrenaline thrills or nail-biting tension. If you do you will be disappointed and probably bored.

Do go if you want high quality nostalgia, astute character development or an insight into group dynamics.

The story is pretty light. It follows a group of middle class, well adjusted, young guys on the first weekend of term, before their classes begin. It is set in 1980. They party, they drink, they smoke, they try to get laid. They do what they are probably going to do every weekend for the rest of the school year.

This is the strength of the film. They are likeable people in a normal setting having an average weekend and mostly enjoying life. The script is excellent – you feel that you get to know the characters and understand their insecurities.

The acting is remarkable throughout and the direction is light touch and faultless. The soundtrack is great.

So, if you want a chilled couple of hours, sit down, relax¬†and let Everybody Wants Some!! take you back to a sunny weekend in 1980 where the world is full of potential…..


4 thoughts on “Everybody Wants Some (dir. Richard Linklater) 2016

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