Whale Watch, Kaikoura

 This isn’t the cheapest of the many tours in Kaikoura, but we enjoyed it and found it to be good value for money.

We liked the fact that if you don’t see a whale, they will refund 80% of the ticket. We reckoned that meant they must be pretty confident and indeed it turned out be the case.

We saw a sperm whale very close, and many many dolphins, also albatross. The guides were witty and informative. They do warn about seasickness and there were some who were but I recommend this trip heartily.



7 thoughts on “Whale Watch, Kaikoura

    • It wasn’t that tough really, there was so many that it would have been harder to miss them! Kaikoura is an amazing place for sea life. BTW I tried to comment on your post about Berwick, (the photos are great!)but was not able to – I see that you do have comments on some posts though, so perhaps its my setup that’s dodgy.


      • I have to confess Nick that I’m not that great at all the technology stuff, but the easiest way to follow my blogs is to subscribe to the website. You can manage them in any way you like and it makes it easier to communicate. If you want to do that and have any problems don’t hesitate to give me a shout.
        Thanks for your interest regardless.

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